All distances start and finish at Bonython Park off Port Road due to the fluid AFL calendar which precludes us from using the Adelaide Oval complex as we have done in past years. 

Bonython Parking

Bonython Park has 2 free and 1 paid parking area.There is free parking for 450 cars in the Bonython Park Free Car Park and the Kate Cocks Car Park. Paid parking will also be available on the southern section of Bonython Park adjacent to the race village. This parking is controlled by U-Park and will cost about $8.50 payable on the day - card only. PARKING MAP 

Please refrain from parking anywhere else in the park. All roads in the park are no parking areas which are liable for on the spot fines. Please follow the instructions from parking attendants so that we can park as many cars as possible.

Event Village

The Event Village at Bonython Park will include Bag Drop, Toilets, First Aid and Coffee/Food trucks as well as Sponsors and SARRC Information.

Even though Covid restrictions have been largely dropped, we ask you to please maintain adequate social distancing while in the event area, especially when queuing at Bib Pickup and at the various food vendors on site.

Bib Pickup

We highly recommend that you make every effort to collect your race bib prior to race day to minimize the possibility of congestion at Bib pickup on race day.

Pre-race BIB collection will be at Sportitude, Hindmarsh – 20 Manton St, Hindmarsh during the following times:
Friday 25/8 : 12pm – 6:00pm
Saturday 26/8 : 9am – 2pm

Due to possible congestion, there will be no entry lookup boards as we have done in the past. Please make a note of your Run Number (pre-race email) before approaching the Bib Tables to speed up the process. You will receive your run number along with any pins (Bib) and rubber bands (Bag Drop) you may require. Late entry will be available with an additional Late Entry cost of $10.00.

Kids bibs will also be available if you have and U12's who would like to run in the Kids run.

Merchandise (past and present) will also be on sale.

Sunday Schedule

5.30am:    Bib collection & Late entry opens
6.30am:    PREPD 42.2km START
7:00am:    PREPD 21.1 km START
7:30am:    Saucony 10 km START
7.45am:    Saucony 5 km START
8:30am:    Placegetter presentations for 5K & 10K
8:40am:    Age Group Awards for 5K
8:45am:    Age Group Awards for 10K
9:00am:    Placegetter Awards for 21K
9:30am:    Placegetter Awards for 42K
9.45am:    Kids run registration and event
10:00am:  Age Group Awards 21K
12.15pm:  Age Group Awards 42K
12:30pm:  Course closure

Start Procedures

The start for this years race will now be on Port Rd to ensure a clean open and fast start for all participants. We will also no longer be using start chutes as we have done in the last 2 years but will return to mass starts pre Covid. We are using a self seeding start line at the Adelaide Marathon this year. There will be pace boards set up along the start area. All potential placegetters (first 3 male or female) should please proceed to the front of the start group as these positions will be timed on gun time so need to go out first. All other competitors will be timed using net time which means your time only starts when you cross the start line. We ask that you assemble back from the start along Port Rd in approximate sequence to your expected finish time. There will be time boards giving you an indication of where to line up. There will be no holding at the start line, once the gun goes, please move forward social distancing from the person in front and begin running across the start line.

CLICK HERE for Timing Instructions


Marathon & Half Marathon Map - Half Marathon 1 lap, Full Marathon 2 laps.
10Km Map
5Km Map

Course cut-off is 6 Hours. Course Closes at 12.30pm. Due to strict timelines imposed by the Adelaide Oval and Council, we are forced to strictly enforce these cut-offs to enable roads to be opened in time for the AFL match being played at the Oval later in the day. Anyone not making cut-off will be notified as such and will be advised that they may have to move onto footpaths as roads will begin opening. Having said that, with the course being reversed, the last 3 km is along the river which will not be impacted. DS6 will remain in position until the last runner passes.

See Marathon Cut-Off Time at Halfway

Drink Stations

Drink Station tables will be well spaced to allow social distancing. Water and Infinit will be filled in cups by a volunteer (protected by a face mask and gloves) and placed on outer edge of each table for runner to collect on the run. Please don't stop at a table to drink, this makes it difficult for other runners to get a drink and causes congestion.  All empty cups to be disposed of within bins provided.

DS1: 3.4km – Water Only
DS2: 7.4km – Water and Infinit
DS3: 10.1km – Water and Special Drinks (Marathon Only)
DS4: 12.6km – Water and Infinit
DS5: 15.6km – Water and Special Drinks (Marathon Only)
DS6: 18.5km – Water and Infinit
DS7: 21.2km - Water, INFINIT and Special Drinks (this table is for Marathon Only at the start of lap 2)

Table will be identifiable by the colour of their Tablecloth

  • Blue - Water
  • Orange - Electrolyte (Infinit)
  • White - Special Drinks

Special Drinks - Full Marathon Only

You have the option to place special drinks at 3 drink stations on course, which you will obviously pass again on the 2nd lap. Organise your special drink drops by choosing a noticeable and unique drink bottle, marking on the bottle clearly where you would like it dropped, and we will organise for it to be there and ready for you when you hit that drink station on event day!

Please mark the following on your Special Drink. LABELS




  • Friday before race 12pm-6pm at bib pick up
  • Saturday before race 9am-2pm at bib pick up
  • Sunday race day- DS7 only : No Special Drinks for DS3 or DS5 can be dropped off on race day.

There will be 3 tubs at Bib Pickup marked for each drink station to place your drinks in.

If you have any queries on Special Drinks, please contact the Office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This year we hope to have the following pacers. Look for runners with backpack flags..


  • 1hr 30 - 4:16 min/km
  • 1hr 40 - 4:44 min/km
  • 1hr 45 - 4:59 min/km
  • 2hrs - 5:50 min/km
  • 2hr 06 - 6 min/km
  • 2hr 15 - 6:24 min/km


  • 3hrs 30 - 4:59 min/km
  • 3hrs 45 - 5:20 min/km
  • 4hrs - 5:41 min/km