SARRC are pleased to support our race participants achieve their time goal by providing pacers.

A pacer’s role is to maintain an even pace throughout the race in relation to the official km markings with an aim to finish as close to their designated finish time as possible.

Each pacer will enter the start area approximately 10 minutes before race start and will be distinctly visible by a coloured flag displaying their target finish time. They will pace to a “net time”, meaning once the race starter gun goes, they will walk/jog towards the start line and won’t commence timing until they cross the timing mat under the start arch.

During the race your pacer will encourage, guide and motivate you throughout the race and create an awesome atmosphere. So why not make your experience more enjoyable and join one of our pacing ‘trains’!

Prepd Marathon

Finish Time Pace (min/KM) Name
2:49 4:00 Colin Ambrose
3:00 4:15 Matt Dawes
3:15 4:37 Simon Wegner
3:30 4:59 Adrian Simkins
4:00 5:40 David Billet
4:13 6:00 Paul Tran

Prepd Half Marathon

Finish Time Pace (min/KM) Name
1:30 4:15 Leigh Mosel
1:35 4:30 Harry Beresford
1:40 4:45 Alexander Phillips-Hughes
1:45 4:59 David Briggs
1:50 5:13 Matt Williams
1:55 5:30 Bruna Lanzoni
2:00 5:40 Gary Holzer
2:06 6:00 Joe & Stella Kwan


Saucony 10K

Finish Time Pace (min/KM) Name
00:50 5:00 Andrew Burns
1:00 6:00 Mark Sweet