RunDNA Adelaide 5km 2021

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RunDNA Adelaide 5km 2021

August 22 @ 7:45 am - 12:30 pm


SARRC continues to work under the guidance of SA Health in order to deliver a COVID-safe event. Due to COVID-19, it is essential that you read and accept all conditions of entry included in the registration process.

5km List

FirstName LastName AgeGroup Gender
Keira MACZKOWIACK U12 Female
Mia O’BRIEN U12 Female
Blair REINDERS U12 Male
Hina HAMAJIMA U12 Female
Kishan SAHA U12 Male
Clay BERTRAM U12 Male
Isla FAHEY U12 Female
Luke SHIBATA U12 Male
James SKELTON 12-14 Male
Rio HAMAJIMA 12-14 Female
Emily FOWLES 12-14 Female
Brooke THOMPSON 12-14 Female
Abigail PETTS 15-17 Female
Jess THOMPSON 15-17 Female
Mikayla COOK 15-17 Female
Daniel CHARLES 15-17 Male
Samuel PLAICE 15-17 Male
Eliza CATINARI 15-17 Female
James RAGGHIANTI 15-17 Male
Mitchell WOOD 18-19 Male
Madeline KELLY 18-19 Female
Nicholas MALLIA 18-19 Male
Beth VANDBORG 20-29 Female
Anita CHAPLIN 20-29 Female
Alex TAYLOE 20-29 Male
Micheala BECKER 20-29 Female
Danielle HICKMAN 20-29 Female
Caitlin ADAMS 20-29 Female
Paeden BENNETTS 20-29 Male
Jackson HICKMAN 20-29 Male
Alena HOLYK 20-29 Female
Rhiannon MCGURGAN 20-29 Female
Nicholas DALLIMORE 20-29 Male
Georgia VAN DER JEUGD 20-29 Female
Elizabeth JILBERT 20-29 Female
Adrian POTTER 20-29 Male
Anna KINASZ 20-29 Female
Bianca TAKOS 20-29 Female
Brooke HINES 20-29 Female
Sarah ECKEL 20-29 Female
Naomi DEWING 20-29 Female
Benjamin HANNAFORD 30-39 Male
Melissa ASHTON 30-39 Female
Thea MAKINS 30-39 Female
Julia BILIBIO 30-39 Female
Hayley MITCHELL 30-39 Female
Paul BOLTON 30-39 Male
Maggie REINDERS 30-39 Female
Ahmad REDAA 30-39 Male
Xavier ROBERTS 30-39 Male
Renee RUTHERFORD 30-39 Female
Rachel STAFFIN 30-39 Female
William PHELAN 30-39 Male
Meagan WHAITES 30-39 Female
Mel CAREY 30-39 Female
Zoe GREEN 30-39 Female
Paul ROBINSON 30-39 Male
Beverly ONG 40-49 Female
Angela PETTS 40-49 Female
Lisa ZRIM 40-49 Female
Kelly MACZKOWIACK 40-49 Female
Sarah SCOTT 40-49 Female
Danielle ARKIT 40-49 Female
Kym SCOTT 40-49 Male
Xanthy HATZIGEORGIU 40-49 Female
Marcus DOWNING 40-49 Male
Rebecca HUDDLESTON 40-49 Female
Christopher O’BRIEN 40-49 Male
Samuel ROWLANDS 40-49 Male
Sam BAILEY 40-49 Female
Glenn THOMPSON 40-49 Male
Mariko HAMAJIMA 40-49 Female
Helka MANNINEN 40-49 Female
Sarah SAHA 40-49 Female
Cassie NEUBAUER 40-49 Female
Susie HUMPHRYS 40-49 Female
Nicole RAZ 40-49 Female
Yasuhiro SHIBATA 40-49 Male
Paul RAY-JOHNSON 50-59 Male
Jeanette PECKHAM 50-59 Female
Tracee MICALLEF 50-59 Female
Sonya FOWLES 50-59 Female
Anna ALLEN 50-59 Female
Bill BROUWERS 60-69 Male
Truffy MAGINNIS 60-69 Female
Colin WARE-LANE 60-69 Male
Helen TREWARTHA 60-69 Female
Paul BROCKLEHURST 60-69 Male
Adriana GENOVESE 70-79 Female
Alex GENOVESE 70-79 Male
Maureen WRIGHT 70-79 Female
Liz NEUBAUER 70-79 Female


Bib Names will be added for entries received prior to two weeks before closure.

Course Map

Join SARRC for our 43rd Adelaide Marathon Festival events. Course measured to AIMS standard.
Starting at and finishing at Bonython Park this year due to AFL schedule uncertainty, 2021 will be an event you won’t want to miss.

Car Parking:

There is free parking just south of the race village at the Bonython Park Free carpark (+- 300) and at the Bonython Park carpark (+- 100) both circled in red. If you choose to park at the former, please follow the instructions given by the parking volunteers so that we can get as many cars parked as possible.

Fair warning that anyone who parks outside of these two parking areas in the park could be open to a strictly enforced $153 on the spot fine.

Event Village:

The Event Village at Bonython Park will include Bag Drop, Toilets, First Aid and Coffee/Food trucks as well as Sponsors and SARRC Information.

To help with COVID requirements, please enter the race village from the south (parking) side entrance so we can ensure everyone entering the village has QR scanned in. Further if you can limit the number of family members and supporters inside the village it would help keep numbers down and ensure adequate social distancing.

Start Times:

Marathon: 6.30am
Half Marathon: 7:00am
10Km: 7:30am
5Km: 7:45am

Runners to self-seed themselves through 3 start chutes keeping 1.5m apart through the chutes.

CLICK HERE for Timing Instructions

Race Bib Collection:

Pre-race BIB collection will be at Sportitude, Hindmarsh – 20 Manton St, Hindmarsh

Race Day BIB collection will be at the Athletes Village on Bonython Park – Port Rd.

  • Friday 20/8 : 12pm – 6pm
  • Saturday 21/8 : 9am – 12pm
  • Sunday 22/8 : 5:30am-7:45am

Course Cut Off:

Course Closes at 12.30pm.

Drink Stations:

Drink Station tables will be well spaced to allow social distancing. Water and Infinit will be filled in cups by a volunteer (protected by a face mask and gloves) and placed on outer edge of dedicated table for runner to collect. There can be no spitting, no water thrown, no using a table if in use by another participant and no stopping at a table other than to collect drink. All empty cups to be disposed of within bins provided. Non-adherence could result in disqualification.

See COVID Plan – Runners Assistance – Drink Stops

DS2: 3.4km – Water Only


  • We pre-order medals, and you will receive a finisher medal unless we run out. (We expect to have pre-ordered enough but can’t guarantee this for late Registers).
  • If you were in the first three male or female finishers in any distance your achievement will be recognised at our Placegetters Awards ceremony.
  • If you place in your ten-year age category you will receive an additional award at the Age Group Awards ceremonies.


5.00km race
Has 4
Medals left.
10.00km race
Has 41
Medals left.
21.10km race
Has -3
Medals left.
42.20km race
Has 67
Medals left.

Fee Type
Super Early Bird
until 1159PM
Early Bird
until 1159PM
until 1159PM
Manual Late EntryPrice
SARRC Member Run-5.00km $25.20 $30.60 $36.00 Same as General
General Run-5.00km $31.50 $38.25 $45.00 $55.00
Youth (12-17yrs) Run-5.00km $25.20 $30.60 $36.00 $46.00
Under 12 (5-11yrs) Run-5.00km $18.90 $22.95 $27.00 $37.00
SARRC Member Run-10.00km $36.40 $44.20 $52.00 Same as General
General Run-10.00km $45.50 $55.25 $65.00 $75.00
Youth (12-17yrs) Run-10.00km $36.40 $44.20 $52.00 $62.00
SARRC Member Run-21.10km $61.60 $74.80 $88.00 Same as General
General Run-21.10km $77.00 $93.50 $110.00 $120.00
Teenager (15-17yrs) Run-21.10km $61.60 $74.80 $88.00 $98.00
SARRC Member Run-42.20km $84.00 $102.00 $120.00 Same as General
General Run-42.20km $105.00 $127.50 $150.00 $160.00


August 22
7:45 am - 12:30 pm