COVID Plan – runners assistance – drink stops

When entering an event in the PREPD Adelaide Marathon Festival you agree to be bound by the rules. One of these is: 

(1) No individual support by vehicle, bicycle or on foot in order to complete the course distance is permitted except as provided by the organisers. 

A breach of the rules could result in disqualification. 

(2) Health Department expert advice is that drink stations are a high-risk area for COVID-19 transmission.  After discussion with them we have agreed to mitigate this risk to runners and volunteers by operating under a strict protocol.  One of the conditions is that drinks are not to be handed to runners.  Runners pick up a drink from the table.  A limited number of special drinks can be dropped off at bib collection, to be placed on tables at designated drinks stops.    

(3) This event relies heavily on volunteers for its success.  If a runner helper wishes to volunteer his/her time to work at a drink station, it would be appreciated by the club and the runners.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a special drinks option