Marathon CUT-OFF time at Halfway

The maximum marathon race time allowed was originally set at 6hrs with a 1300 pack-up time. But with the change to an early start of 0600 this meant that runners could go over 6hrs. However, if any runner does not get to the halfway timing station by 0930 (the Cut-OFF) they will have to stop there. An AFL match is

COVID Plan – runners assistance – drink stops

When entering an event in the PREPD Adelaide Marathon Festival you agree to be bound by the rules. One of these is:  (1) “No individual support by vehicle, bicycle or on foot in order to complete the course distance is permitted except as provided by the organisers.”  A breach of the rules could result in disqualification.  (2) Health Department expert

Timing Instructions

SARRC’s Covid Management Plan for the PREPD Adelaide Marathon Festival event requires all participants to maximise social distancing. This impacts how you will start, how your time will be recorded and how placings will be calculated. Essentially your event will become a time trial where your own precise start and finish times will determine your overall time and all resultant

Entry – Changes for Trickle Start

NOTICE – Trickle Start Starting each event with the COVID-19 Safety plan means there will be a trickle start, not a wave start. Please update (or check) your estimated Run Time, your COVID agreement, your Name for your Bib, and any notes for the Finish announcer as you cross the line. Your race entry link to the SARRC database is

Bib Collection and Late Entries

If you miss the online cut off date for entries at midnight on Wednesday 16 September, you can enter at bib collection. Race Bib Collection Friday 18 September 8am-4:30pm –  Joggers World, Upstairs 123 Pirie St, Adelaide Saturday 19 September 9am-4pm –  Joggers World, Upstairs 123 Pirie St, Adelaide Sunday 20 September – No Race Bibs will be available for