Prepd Adelaide Marathon

The South Australian Road Runners Club Inc

South Australian Road Runners Club (SARRC) is a not-for-profit member based organisation that has been supporting runners and providing running events across SA for over 40 years.

At SARRC it is our vision that everyone should have an opportunity to run.

Are you a runner? Or keen to give it a try? Join us and be part of South Australia’s biggest running club! You’ll have fun, meet new friends, get moving, improve your health and quite possibly change your life.

Running might look like a solo sport but our community is hugely supportive and positive. Training, social events and of course our running events all give you a chance to get out and spend time with people from all walks of life with one thing in common: a love of running. At the South Australian Road Runners Club (SARRC) it is our vision that everyone has the opportunity to run. We are inclusive and committed to welcoming you.

SARRC was originally established in 1980 for people interested in running the Adelaide Marathon. The Adelaide Marathon is still our flagship event and is going strong after 40 years. We have grown from a local running group to the largest running group in South Australia.

Our not-for-profit model earns income for the club to benefit members through hosting events, our membership subscriptions, and our club and event sponsors. As a club, and with the help of our members, volunteers, supporters and participants, we work hard to bring the benefits and joys of running to everyone.

We invite you all: beginners, social runners and walkers, competitive and talented runners, road or trail, to join us in fulfilling our mission to give everyone an opportunity to Just Run!

The Club is managed by a Board which is appointed under and operates according to the Club’s constitution.

Along with volunteers, we employ people to do the busy stuff, including an office assistant (at our location in Adelaide), coach (overseeing all instructors and training) and a storage manager (handling event equipment).